blog dedicated to the beautiful one & only queen of grunge, courtney fucking love. <3

I think she is so goddamn beautiful *^*
Anonymous: do you have an AIC blog?

Nope! But I’m thinking of making one. :)

Anonymous: Why aren't they friends anymore? Do you know what happened?

I have no idea sweetie. Sorry. :/ I suppose they had an argument or something. I’ll search it up honey.

Anonymous: Courtney and Drew still are friends?

No. They aren’t.

I don&#8217;t even know what this fucking is. But, have a picture of Courtney has a soldier.
Anonymous: What's your favorite Alice In Chains song?

Ugh fuck. I have so many favorites. But, if I had to choose, it would be ‘Bleed The Freak’. I actually have ‘name your god and bleed the freak’ tattooed on my upper back.

Anonymous: Who is your favourite hole bassist & why?

I’m not very fond of Jill Emery. However, Kristen & Melissa are both super good at playing bass and both have good personalities. It makes me sad we couldn’t see much of how Kristen was but she seemed like a really sweet and beautiful person. If I had to choose, I would say Melissa is my favorite. She’s a good bass player & is a cool person, not only that, but we could hear her playing in more performances than Jill and Kristen. Kristen was a good player & a nice person tho!